About The Game

We’re making a fun and interesting game that we (and hopefully you) will want to play first and foremost.

Gaming and the Blockchain

Many games that use the blockchain just aren’t games. They offer marketplaces where you can buy items, mix them, and sell them; and call that a game. Or some games offer gameplay behind a big NFT paywall to even see if you like it. Once you’re in you can realize that most of these people have never made games before, and come from the crypto space and, not leading to a great game experience.

We’re aiming to solve all of those problems at once. The game is first and foremost a free-to-play game that can be enjoyed without ever having to connect a wallet or worry about an NFT if you so choose. If you connect your wallet however you’ll be able to experience the full range of items and features available in the world of Music Mania.

Game Pillars

Game pillars are a short and quick way to communicate big ideas about what we want from the game. They get across the big ideas of what the game is and isn’t quickly and easily. We actively use these while working on the game itself, and we think that sharing them with you can give you a good idea of what Music Mania is.

Groovy Pop Art

We’re going for a vibrant game that uses music as a thematic backdrop for the core trading card game. a  colorful, very stylized version of the real world that evokes images of old comic books, modern pop art, and retro vibes all at the same time. Everything should feel like it brings to life that colorful style, that really pops with life.
Groovy Pop Art

Quick & Snappy

The game is a trading card game at its core, and should be familiar. But those of you know the space, don’t expect 30+ minute long games with hundreds of decisions to make. We want a quick and snappy experience. Single games won’t take over 10 minutes, with an average of 5 minutes. Hitting the ‘next match’ button feels like a privilege rather than a chore.
Groovy Pop Art

Simple, Meaningful Choice

Just because there are fewer decisions to make doesn’t mean every battle is a solved problem. Every choice in a given band battle will have a much larger impact on the overall outcome. We’re carefully balancing individual skill cards, stats, and the game overall to make each choice feel like it has the appropriate weight.
Simple, Meaningful Choice

Experimentation & Improvement

After you play means when you exit out of the game, as well as when you finish a battle and are considering if you want to hit play again or not. We want a game where you can theory craft, deck build, and steadily level up. That drive to try out a different combination, or make improvements to a formula that’s working for you is what we want.
Experiementation & Improvement



Collect and improve Artist cards, the musicians you use to form a band. Each Artist is unique through a combination of stats, rarity, and aesthetics. Artists are upgradable, and some aspects are customizable to create a band that truly suits you for both gameplay and visuals.

Band Creation

Gather your Artists into your very own band! Build your strategy, give them a name, and compete against other bands! Bands receive bonuses if most Artists in the band share a genre. And on the opposite string, make sure your band has a wide variety of instruments to succeed.

Band Battles

Tune-up and get ready to show down in epic Band Battles, pitting sound against sound to see who can Hype up the crowd the most! Gather a crowd, jam out, and work your way up through the ranks to become one of the most well-recognized names on the island!

Skill Cards

Use Artists’ skills to outplay the opponent, each skill uses Artists’ stats and effects that help you achieve victory. Will you play with your Band’s raw Talent? Will you use your Stage Presence to put on an unforgettable show? Or will you Diss and talk your opponents directly into the trash!

Special Abilities

Some Artists offer unique special abilities that can help give you an edge. Some abilities can even alter your core playstyle, open up new strategies, or changing the way your Artists play together. The possibilities are endless, and will help give you a leg up on the competition.

Jam Spaces

Visit various Jam Spaces around the island to keep your band growing and moving to the next biggest thing. Convert experience gained during Band Battles into powerful level-ups that will make your Artists sound even better than before!

Talent Agencies

Refine your portfolio by using one of the Talent Agencies located in the city. Here you can dismiss Artists you’re not wanting to use in exchange for powerful tools to customize and upgrade other Artists. Exchange out their Skill Cards, upgrade their stats, or even upgrade their rarity.

Radio Stations

Take the airwaves by storm and generate buzz around your Band. At Radio Stations, you can get the island’s residents excited about your unique brand of music. When people are excited about your music, they’ll be more likely to come to whatever Band Battle you’re taking part in.

Record Stores

A Band can’t jam without hands on the instruments! At Record Stores, you can recruit new Artists to your portfolio. The Stores also specialize once they are upgraded, so choose which one you visit carefully to find what best suits your goals, strategy, and portfolio.

Concert Venues

This is where the magic happens, Concert Venues are available throughout the city and are where you go to seek out other Bands to pit your Bands against. Owners of Concert Venues can even set up special modes that can turn gameplay on its head, or change who can participate.


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